Supervisory Board / Advisory board / Board of Trustees

Support for decisions regarding the important boards of your business

In these days of dynamic and volatile competitive companies, groups and trust are increasingly looking for the advice of supervisory and advisory boards.

Due to our broad expertise in several industries and sectors we can offer professional support as board members or help to find the matching expert for these important advisory and supervisory boards.

We can present you the perfect candidates out of our multidisciplinary network to lead the boards in your company. Trust our experts from BrainFleet to find the right personalities to lead your supervisory board, advisory board or board of trustees.

Due to the comprehensive expertise of our members we can tackle and solve even the most challenging issues effectively.

Trust our strategic and operational competency and contact our expert team.

If we cannot present you the perfect candidate for the position from our member pool we have a specialized consultants’ team that will support us. Thus, we can offer you professional and competent advice and support in appointing, assigning and establishing the supervisory and advisory boards for your company.

Trust the long-standing expertise of our successful C-level entrepreneurs.

Advisory board – the strategic sparring partner of managers and CEOs

The responsibilities of advisory boards can range from the valuation of the entire company to tasks like:
•Advisory and coaching function in general economic questions of the management
•Support with future strategic positioning of the company
•Advice in financing questions
•Supervising the management
•Resolving stalemate situations among stockholders
•Settlement and mediation of conflicts between management and stockholders
•Conflict settlement between stockholding family members / between stockholders
•Prevention function in case of urgency
•Objective support of succession in family-run businesses

To avoid conflicts of interest the advisory board member should be independent and unbiased towards issues he is not involved in personally when making the assessment.

Top C-level leaders from the broad BFM network can help you prepare these boards for the specific requirements of the company and of the stockholders and adapt them to the needs of your company.

Supervisory boards selection – a highly sensitive challenge

The members of these boards have access to the most important and confidential matters of a company. And this is only one reason why the selection of an appropriate supervisory board member requires such a high degree of sensitivity and professionality. Each single member of the supervisory board is independent and must promote the interests of the company. The supervisory board is independent, must not follow instructions and is not bound to any contracts.

To manage successfully every challenge, the supervisory board must be selected by considering the individual stockholder and business structure of a company. Our BrainFleet experts – members or the entire network – are happy to share their experiences and to take on the specific challenges of your business development.

BrainFleet is the entrepreneurs’ network that supports you with the supervisory bodies of your business and helps to find the perfect personalities.

Do I need a trust to achieve my business goals?

There are several reasons to establish a trust – preserving a name or a life time achievement, protecting assets, handling inheritance and succession issues, improving reputation, strengthening the business network or because of the great tax benefits of trusts.

With our comprehensive network of experts, we are happy to advise you on trust related matters from trust establishment and beyond.