Startup advice – the first step to success

A successful startup needs strong and committed founders, a good idea and the right market to position their business. Yet, many businesses fail at the very beginning because they do not consider important aspects such as financing, legal form of the business and location. This is why it is so important to pave the right way for a successful business in the early phase.

Startup advice during all phases

Each startup runs through three phases: before founding the business it must be analyzed in phase one whether the concept has the potential to be successful.
The next phase is to prepare a business and a finance plan to attract investors. It is also important to early identify and assess potential risks to take appropriate countermeasures.

In the actual startup creation phase it must be determined how the startup is going to be financed: by a bank loan, through investors, crowdfunding or public funds. It must also be determined what legal form the business will have.
This decisions can have far-reaching consequences and should not be made without professional startup advice.

Startups should also seek and rely on professional advice during the growth phase.
Because, apart from managing operational tasks such as the financial and payroll accounting they must constantly work on the development of the business and prepare a potential national and international rollout. Furthermore, during the growth phase the business should establish a sound accounting department with a controlling team that can recognize how the business is doing and where there is potential for improvement by analyzing the KPI’s.

Expert advice for startups

With our startup advice, founders can benefit from the great experience of our BFM BrainFleet members who have all dealt with the specific challenges around starting up a new business during their professional lives. We are happy to share with you our knowledge and experience and support you with your startup.

All BFM BrainFleet members have their own networks with connections to financial institutions and to politics. Startups can benefit from these networks both on a strategic as well as on the operational level and achieve success more quickly and sustainable. We are not a regular consulting firm. With our international network of experts we provide specific know-how. Each network member offers competent – objective – pragmatic – peer-to-peer support and can act as permanent sparring partners or business coaches for startups.


BFM BrainFleet startup consulting process

If you are looking for professional advice that provides the answers you need or a partner with experience in founding and leading a business or professional support for operational and strategic issues in the founding phases you should contact us.

Just tell us in which sector you want to run your business ,what expectations you have from us andhow we can support you. Depending on the specific challenges and issues you are dealing with we will choose and recommend you one of our international network members who we think would be perfect to support you. At the same time, you may also benefit from the expertise of all network members who are happy to share their know-how with you. However, you will only have one main contact who may bring in more experts if required.

Together, we will then define the rules and the framework for our cooperation in terms of scope of our startup advice and actual tasks. In a next step your partner will start with the implementation process and coordinate all necessary activities while assuming responsibility for the entire structural organization. And you alone decide how long you need this support.
And last but not least: we provide you our services at affordable fees. And as founders of a startup you may have a much better payment method anyway: stocks! Together we will find the most convenient payment method for both of us.