BFM BrainFleet Management
          The entrepreneurs network

Never before had entrepreneurs, CEO’s, managers and supervisory boards of medium-sized businesses to face such a challenging and increasingly complex and dynamic world. Moreover, managers need to keep up pace with the digital transformation.

We at BFM BrainFleet have experienced these challenges during our former and today’s business activities. All members of the BFM BrainFleet network have once managed and spearheaded busi-nessesin leading positions as managers and/or as active shareholders. We like to share our knowledge and our experi-ence with entrepreneurs, CEO’s, man-agers and supervisory boards who are still professionally active and fully enegaged.

Experienced C-level managers offer you their support as skilled sparring partners across numerous business areas. Apart from entrepreneurial and hands-on management support we offer you an unbiased external view in conjunction with our knowledge gained of your inter-nal processes:
Competent – Objective – Pragmatic


About us

  • We are a multidisciplinary network of successful entrepreneurs and C-level executives of great reputation who are sharing the wealth of experience and knowledge with companies to overcome their today’s business challenges.
  • We pool our long-standing knowledge and experiences with inside our BFM network members. All BFM members have developed their own networks in their area of competence to be activated and utilized for projects at any time. We also have access to the resources of our cooperation partners and to almost all consulting firms. Our experts with the right skill set are developing customized solution for each project in a competent – objective – pragmatic manner.
  • We act as strategic sparring partners / sound boards / coaches for entrepre-neurs, supervisory boards and top man-agement executives of companies, non-profit organizations (NPOs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and foundations.
  • We think “as entrepreneurs for entrepre-neurs“.
  • We act as “peers” to the supervisory and executive boards as well as to the C-level and top level management.
  • We offer long-standing experience for all relevant business areas to medium-sized companies.



We differentiate ourselves from the typical consulting firms. Only BFM Brain-Fleet provides a competent network of senior executives who offer their support as sparring partners, sound boards, coaches for entrepreneurs, supervisory boards to the management of companies.

We have experience with the challenges of medium-sized companies,capital market-oriented companies as well with startups.

Our network structure, the broad expertise of our members, the fast access to our cluster networks in connection with the unlimited access to specialized know-how allows us to provide a comprehensive advisory service.

Since we know our members, their focus and their competencies from our own experience and interaction we are able to choose the best partner for your projects. We also have our own skill data basee that we use for this purpose.

Your assigned partner for the project may use external expertise if required and will always support you competently – objectively – pragmatically. He is your main contact and coordinates all necessary activities. He is also responsible for the operational implementation of the results. So you will enjoy professional implementation on the highest level.


Value Proposition

The strength of our concept is based on the diversity of competencies and on the long-standing experience of each member who had all been or still are in a leading position or who had been or still are entrepreneurs.

Brainfleet in 20 Seconds

• We all are experienced top leaders from the most diverse industries and sectors.
• This high level of experience, competence and diversity is unique.
• Our knowledge is further enhanced by the close cooperation between all members (Aristoteles: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts).


Management Board

Prof. Thomas Paul, Manfred Purps (Chairman), Dr. Gerald Orendi, Erhard Seeger, Wolfgang Hofmann (CEO)


For interested network partners

All BFM network members have been successful C-suite managers and have leader and industry skills and experience with highly challenging business situations.

The most important factor for us, is the character and personality of a BFM network partner: the ability to assess critical situations and deploy necessary actions, assertiveness, communication and social skills, and the ability to quickly integrate in an organization and implement the changes.