Business succession
– early planning is crucial

A successful business succession is important for both entrepreneurs and their employees and should be planned early on. With our expertise we help you plan your business succession successfully.

Plan your individual business succession successfully

Business succession is complex. Each single case is special and requires specific customized
solutions. Experts now that there is not one universal solution applicable to all cases of business succession. The most important factor of a successful business succession process is having an expert team that coordinates the entire process. Everyone who built a successful business should early start thinking about business succession.

With a business succession plan set up the business will continue to exist and to thrive and follow the path set by the founder.
According to the Institut für Mittelstandsforschung (IfM) 27,000 companies are looking each year for successors but do not always have access.
So, take action and make sure your business keeps successful by planning your business succession early on and enabling a smooth transition.

What is important in business succession?

The main focus when planning a business succession is to ensure that the achievements of the company are being maintained and that the company is going to exist and be successful in the future. Hence, it is important to define and plan the necessary measures for a succession early and to cover all areas: strategy, leadership and succession development.

Reduce risks and ensure long-term success

Especially owner-managed businesses should plan their succession as early as possible to ensure a smooth and structured transition and avoid any unexpected risks. In the worst case, lacking planning and succession consulting could mean the end of a company and the loss of a lifetime achievement.

The BrainFleet network has the necessary competencies and experience to manage all operational and strategic issues related to business management and development.
We provide peer-to-peer solutions and support you with the development of sustainable solutions for a successful future. We provide competent, objective and pragmatic business succession consulting services and always focus on our clients’ goals and benefits. Due to their experience in operational management our members know the challenges medium-sized companies have to deal with.

Process and phases in business succession plans

Proper preparation is crucial for every business succession planning.
One of the biggest challenges is to consider and reconcile financial, legal, fiscal and emotional aspects. Trust experts when planning your business succession. Our experts from different industries and with extensive management experience support you as competent sparring partners in planning your business succession. All BrainFleet network partners have already experienced business successions during their professional lives. Hence, they know best what challenges can lie ahead but can, however, make objective and professional assessments.