Interim / Project Management
Your partner for vacancies & resource scarcity

Companies must often deal with this type of situations:

  • A member of the management leaves unexpectedly
  • The company lacks the resources for important projects
  • Employees are to receive support from outside the company to deal with new tasks
  • A position needs to be filled urgently but no candidate can be found fast enough.

Make sure you have the necessary people in your management and that promising projects do not have to be delayed because of lacking resources.
Interim and project management means having competent people available fast and be able to take opportunities that arise. In this fast-paced world there is a need of fast reactions. Hence, it is important to find solutions for vacancies and resource scarcity fast to ensure the management operates structured and smoothly.

Interim and project management – an important aspect for the management

Companies have always the risk of lacking staff or lacking resources for projects. Especially, medium-sized companies do not usually have the necessary staff capacity to solve such problems. On the other hand, high competition is forcing companies to react and adapt to change quickly. Only then companies can stay competitive and expand their market share and satisfy customer needs.

It is, thus, recommended to have access to a network that you can resort to whenever necessary for interim management or for projects.

BFM BrainFleet Management is the entrepreneurs’ network with experts who have successfully run and led companies or different departments of a company and have great experience in all operational and strategic issues of management and business development. We are happy to share our expertise in the following areas with you:

  • Business strategy and development
  • Distribution and expansion
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Human Resources

We provide peer-to-peer support and help you develop the best solutions for a successful future. We offer professional and individual interim and project management service that fits your needs best because we always focus on the goals and benefits of our clients. The BFM experts know the challenges medium-sized companies are dealing with from their own professional lives.

Process and phases of interim/project management

A good preparation and planning of interim and project management is crucial. So, the first step in the project preparation is to identify your goals and how you want to achieve them. We then can evaluate what competencies and expertise an advisor needs to have in order to help you develop your business successfully.
Due to our comprehensive networks we can present you the right partner for your plans and projects. Together we plan the next steps and discuss any open questions.
During the project preparation and the selection process of the right partner for your project we define how we plan to proceed. The next point on our agenda is to tackle operational issues and develop solutions for questions like: What other project resources are available? What are the priorities? How should tasks be assigned? How is the project development monitored? Who will be involved and when? Our shared goal is to develop sustainable solutions that help the company achieve its goals.
The results are documented and examined. On this basis, further necessary steps are planned and implemented.

Trust experts when planning your interim/project management

If you need support with planning your interim and project management do not hesitate longer and contact us! Our experts are happy to share with you their broad expertise and long-standing experience and provide you professional advice service that you have been looking for. During their careers many of our network partners have learned how important interim and project management is and know exactly what challenges lie ahead. So, there is no better partner you can chose for achieving your interim and project management plans!