Process management

An efficient process management provides you the answers to the questions: Who does what? How is it done? And when is it done? Because only clearly identified, determined and recorded business processes can be organized, controlled and sustainably be improved. This is important if businesses want to stay competitive and meet the expectations of customers and stakeholders.

An efficient process management is crucial for today’s businesses. Ever-growing demands of customers, constantly intensifying competition – to stay competitive, businesses must ensure their operating processes are efficient. It is not enough anymore to provide products and services to the most economical price possible . Today, customers have much higher expectations and consider not only the price when purchasing products or services but also other factors such as performance, quality and flexibility.

In times of ever-growing competition you must retain existing customers and increase brand loyalty while at the same time attracting new customers by having a process management that is deeply rooted in your company culture. Take action and contact us if you want to keep pace! Together we develop a process management plan that helps you achieve your business goals as well as protect and expand your competitiveness.

Why BrainFleet is the right partner for the process management consulting

The BFM BrainFleet network is a pool of experts from different industries. All members have a long-standing management experience in medium-sized businesses and support you as strategic sparring partners, coaches for business owners , supervisory bodies and the C-suite of businesses, NPOs or NGO’s.

Our members think and act like entrepreneurs and not only provide you their own expertise but also the access to their comprehensive cluster networks regardless of the type and size of your business. This way we can pool all necessary skills and experiences for each process management project and help management to achieve the strategic goals through a structured and defined process.

What makes us different from other consulting firms is that all BFM BrainFleet members have real-life experience in leading businesses and in dealing with crisis. Each network member has his own industry-specific skills, communication skills, assertiveness and the ability to find and implement the right decisions under pressure.

Our process management services include consulting, implementation, quality and cost monitoring as well as strategic and operational support from launch to implementation and beyond. Always true to our motto: competent – objective – pragmatic! For each project we chose the perfect management partner with the right experience and competency to support you with the challenges in your business. Your management partner will support you in all project management-related issues from consulting to implementation and beyond.

Three steps for a successful process management

The main goal of process management is to pool and use the information about all success factors of the business processes to achieve the strategic business goals. Therefore, before starting to use a process management concept it is important to first identify the business processes, define and improve them to make sure your company is able to meet its own goals. Already at this point, we can support you to plan and structure your business processes transparently with our process management advice.

The next step after identifying all crucial business processes is to organize the processes in an efficient and economical way and with the required quality for the daily business. It is important that all employees know their role and responsibility in the process and that they have the necessary skills to perform their tasks.

Constant monitoring is necessary to ensure all processes defined in the process management are function as planned and let the business thrive as expected. For this purpose, key performance indicators (KPI) are identified and budgeted as part of our consulting services to identify deviations early on and take necessary countermeasures.